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2009-07-30 21:08:08 by VictorDavion

Now i can actually post something to the site that i won't feel is utter crap. Just finished fishing through the art portal, over 300 pages certainly takes a few hours to scan. Now I'm feeling safe enough to submit some of my own work (what little I have scanned already). I can almost guarantee my artwork will improve, since I'm going to college for a graphic arts degree. For anyone who actually does read this, make sure to check in every few months, might have something new.

Commin' and goin'

2008-09-07 10:32:20 by VictorDavion

Just broke my addiction to one of the BEST anime's ever, Onegai Teacher. seriously, in 2 days watched it 3 times... anyways... i've reached a point in time where i'm trying to find a new interest, no ideas what to look to. i'm checking the audio section for new songs that kick ass, or finding flash that are good yet hidden among all the others that get shown. Getin' old songs and stuff with a browser audio ripper. got a couple new books yesterday, and considering i read the first one from 10:30 to 12:30 last night, and still didn't want put it down, it's pretty good. so life's just kinda...there. As for the Onegai Teacher anime, i found out 3 days after watching it the first time there's an offical amv... which i will now put in a link at the bottom of this.


im not new here

2007-07-19 06:06:33 by VictorDavion

yes, i just got an acount, and ive been accountless for quite a few years now. dont let my registration date fool you, ive been here for a LONG time...